Faculty of International Business Management
 Department of International Business Management
Yamamoto   Yukiko

Faculty or department
Faculty of International Business Management Department of International Business Management

Academic background
M.A. in Area Studies, University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan
-Emphasis on teaching of Japanese as a foreign language      1994/03  Completed   
Long-term Japanese Teacher Training Program, National Institute for Japanese Language and Linguistics, Tokyo, Japan      1991/02     
B.A. in Literature, Department of Comparative Culture, University of Tsukuba, Ibaraki, Japan      1981/03  Graduated   

Academic degrees
M.A. in Area Studies,  University of Tsukuba  1994/03
B.A. in Literature,  University of Tsukuba  1981/03

Professor, Department of International Business Management, Kyoei University, Saitama, Japan  2010/03 - Present
Visiting Scholar, School of Asian Languages and Studies, University of Tasmania, Tasmania, Australia  2005/09 - 2006/03
Associate Professor, Department of International Business Management, Kyoei University, Saitama, Japan  2001/04 - 2010/03
Lecturer, International Student Center, Chiba University, Chiba, Japan  1999/04 - 2002/03
Lecturer, Japanese Language Course, Reitaku University, Chiba, Japan  1995/04 - 2000/03
Lecturer, Intensive Japanese Language Program for Overseas Students, Takushoku University, Tokyo, Japan  1994/04 - 2000/03
Lecturer, International Student Center, Gunma University, Gunma, Japan  1994/04 - 1999/09

Current research fields
Teaching of Japanese as a Foreign Language,
Japanese Studies

Research keywords
Japanese, Vocabulary, International Students, Intercultural Communication

Alloted class
Japanese A
Japanese B
Words and Expressions Ⅰ
Basic Seminar
Japanese C
Words and Expressions Ⅱ
Specific Seminar (Introduction)

Textbooks and teaching materials
"Your First Campus Life" 2010/04

Academic societies
The Japanese Association of Sociolinguistics Sciences 1998/08 - Present Domestic
Intercultural Education Society Japan 1998/08 - Present Domestic
The Linguistics Society of Japan 1993/04 - Present Domestic
The Society for Teaching Japanese as a Foreign Language 1985/07 - Present Domestic

Licenses and qualifications
Senior high school teacher ordinary second class license (English) 1981/03
Junior high school teacher ordinary first class license(English) 1981/03